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Anahat Cooker

Wonderbox Products are the brainchildren of an unusual British woman named Anna Pearce. A Quaker, Anna was born in South Africa but now lives in the United Kingdom. The Wonderbox is what most technologies designate as a "hay box", an insulated, tightly closed, box which will, once food is boiling, enable it to continue cooking or to keep cooked food warm for later serving (See Heat-retention cooking). She has also developed a patented solar cooker, based on the Wonderbox (which can be used as a backup if the sun fades) called "No Fuel Cooking for the Space Age". Ms. Pearce is an inventive, charismatic woman who has no desire to work with marketers. Rather, the devices are made in a workshop for disabled people, thus creating needed jobs, then distributed by charities to the needy around the world. A pamphlet she has written even provides guidance to any ordinary householder in an emergency, with advice on using the haybox, solar cooker, and an emergency wood stove, made of leftover cans, in order to manage without utilities. See also Anahat solar-or-meth cooker.

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