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Andrew Kotowski

Andrew Kotowski

Andrew Kotowski (Ph.D.Eng.), the inventor of several solar cookers simple and effective, specializes in research, design and production prototypes of new solar cookers, as well as improvement of existing cookers and their components. It complements this activity by prospecting on the Internet and widely shared his experience.

  • In 2002 in collaboration with his wife Sophia (Eng.) and her daughter Margot he founded a Virtual Laboratory of Solar Domestic Applications and distributed by e-mail a Newsletter monthly. The Newsletter presented our own work and the work of our solar friends as Allart Ligtenberg, Nguyen Tan Bich, Martin Almada and Roger Bernard among others. Our Newsletter was sent to subscribers in several countries in the world in 1000 copies.
  • In 2007 we moved to the distribution of information through our websites. One is aimed at the general public and presents the principles and examples of solar cookers, and the other is intended rather to the special reader (we are introducing new monthly about solar cooking) and the third is being sent to beginners who solar cooking seeking to build its first solar cooker very simple and cheap. Our current activity is known as Solar Cooking Concept.

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