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Based in Nairobi, Altener Energy is a "business with a philosophy" that promotes renewable energy and delivers custom solar energy solutions. In addition to solar cooking, the company works in the fields of solar water heating, solar electricity, wind energy, and energy planning and management. AltEner has installed large scale, concentrator-type cooking systems, based on the Scheffler community kitchen concept, in several countries. The company can also design high temperature trough solar cooking systems.

News and recent developments

Altener Scheffler reflector 2005
  • July 2005: Altener Energy Technologies presented a 3-square-meter Scheffler reflector for observation at the 19th Mara Development Forum in Mugumu, Serengeti District, Tanzania. Scheffler reflectors are large parabolic dishes that are often used to heat a cooking medium (such as water to make steam) that is circulated to one or more indoor cooking stations. This is a smaller version. Mr. Charles Onyango-Oloo of Altener says the new design is user friendly since "the port is mounted on one side and not in the middle of the reflector dish." Altener is currently developing a 1.5-square-meter, manually tracked Scheffler cooker.

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Altener Energy Technologies
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