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All Seasons Cooker photo montage, 2-21-12

The range of possible positions for the All Seasons Solar Cooker.

GAM 6991

The ASSC Advantage. Capturing the first morning sun

GAM 6984

ASSC focused at 85º solar elevation


Jumbo ASSC and 3 regulars catching November Sun

All Season Solar Cooker

My goal is to have an established solar cooking agency adopt the All Season Solar Cooker as its own.

If your mission is to promote solar cooking and introduce the most cost efficient designs, to pasteurize a greater quantity of water, and to cook a greater amount of food on any solar day, please continue reading.

I have tested the All Season Solar Cooker (ASSC) against commercially available panel and box cookers. Because of its ability to efficiently capture the rising sun, the All Season Solar Cooker pasteurizes more water in a single solar day. The key design feature of the ASSC is its adjustable, coordinated reflector array. The ASSC, working from one of two initial orientations "summer/midday" or "winter/morning", can focus on a solar elevation of 40º to 90º (summer) or 0º to 50º (winter). The ASSC accomplishes this while maintaining a level cooking floor at all times. The advantage of the ASSC is that it can efficiently capture the earliest morning sun - starting cooking far earlier than most other designs. The solar cook can obtain cooking-level temperatures from sunup to sundown.

The ASSC folds into flat package that is very light weight for easy transportation and shipping.
GAM 7052small

Folded ASSC weighs less than 1.15kg

NEW for 2011 - Plans for a larger cooker - the Jumbo ASSC - are now available for download from the website.

I believe that the low cost and high efficiency of the All Season Solar Cooker make it a great choice for solar cooking agencies’ distribution programs.

The All Season Solar Cooker construction is taught at local workshops and cooking demonstrations sponsored by the San Diego Solar Cooking Club meetup group. Plans may be downloaded from the following links:

There is no charge for the plans, however, since the development of this cooker has taken 4 years and considerable personal expense, if you build and/or distribute the All Season Solar Cooker please acknowledge the inventor, tell me of your progress and send pictures of the cookers in use "on location".

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