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Dr. Alan Bigelow

Dr. Alan Bigelow joined Solar Cookers International in 2016 as Director of Science and Main Representative at the United Nations. He leads testing and performance evaluation programs at Solar Cookers International and advocates for solar-thermal cooking at the United Nations in New York.

Alan is a physicist who started solar cooking in 2008. He has led solar cooking workshops locally in New York and internationally in India, Nepal and Haiti. He participated in a solar expedition in Nepal where during nine days at high altitude all meals were prepared using portable solar cookers. He designed solar-energy workshops as a Scientist-in-Residence at the Hudson River Museum and he included solar cooking in a course on sustainable engineering he designed and teaches at Columbia University’s Science Honors Program

Prior to joining Solar Cookers International, Alan had a 15-year physics research career at Columbia University Medical Center developing innovative technology for radiation-biology studies. He has authored numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and is listed as an inventor on a patent for a safe sterilization method that uses a specific range of ultraviolet light to selectively damage bacteria and viruses while not harming human cells.

Alan received a Ph.D. in Physics in 2000. He is also an accomplished musician and co-founded the solar-powered band Solar Punch that combines science and music to raise awareness and educate about environmental issues and solutions. He is a passionate solar chef and is often solar cooking at home or in public.


  • April 2016: As a result of a collaboration at the United Nations, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation invited Dr. Alan Bigelow to speak for Solar Cookers International during the Strength from Disaster conference in Nepal, April 2016. He gave a presentation describing solar cookers' potential in medical clinics during disaster relief: cooking food for patients, pasteurizing water, developing an appropriate solar autoclave, and providing air conditioning (using the example at the Muni Seva Ashram, Gujarat, India). Bigelow also visited a potential solar cooker testing center in Kathmandu, and a zero-waste Tibetan nunnery.

Audio and video

  • January 2017: 

Dr. Alan Bigelow - Performance Evaluation Process (PEP) for Solar Cookers-0


  • October 2015:
Bigelow Expanding Solar Cooking Infrastructure in Nepal11:50

Bigelow Expanding Solar Cooking Infrastructure in Nepal

  • July 2014: Alan Bigelow's presentation "Solar Cooking on a Trek in Nepal" delivered at the SCInet convention in July, 2014 included the video below.
Bigelow Solar Trekking-010:38

Bigelow Solar Trekking-0

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