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Alan Bigelow at the Solar Cookers International Network Convention in July, 2014.

Alan Bigelow is a physicist at Columbia University’s Radiological Research Accelerator Facility (RARAF) in New York. In 2007 Alan co-founded the solar-powered, eco-rock band Solar Punch, whose mission is to raise awareness about climate change and to promote sustainable living. The group finds that performing original songs about solar science is an effective way to engage the public and encourage people to apply their individual skills toward solving environmental problems.

Alan learned about solar cooking through Solar Punch activities in the USA and abroad. During climate-solution tours in India, Solar Punch learned about institutional solar cooking from their friend and mentor Deepak Gadhia. In November 2013 the band participated in a 9-day, high-altitude solar trek in Nepal featuring solar cooking, led by ecologist Maarten Olthof of the Vajra Foundation Holland and Ramkaji Paudel of the Vajra Foundation Nepal.  In July and August 2014, the group was invited by the US State Department to tour Haiti with a focus on solar energy; the group conducted several workshops on solar cooking in and around Port au Prince and in Cap Haitien.

As the physicist in Solar Punch, Alan has incorporated an array of solar demonstrations, including solar cooking using an SOS Sport solar oven and an SK14 solar cooker. These demonstrations allow him to engage audience members in discussions about how solar cooking can benefit the environment and people.

He has worked with his Solar Punch bandmates to design a series of off-grid, solar-power generators that they use in their performances, and he also designed and built an ultra-light, flexible solar panel for solar-powered filmmaking during their solar trek in Nepal. Alan is a member of the New York Solar Energy Society (NYSES), and serves as the NYSES advisor for the Institute of Solar Technology in Howra, West Bengal, India.

Certification: North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) PV EL

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NEW:  March 2015: Alan Bigelow of Solar Punch has released this short trailer documenting some of the experiences they shared with fellow trekkers on the 2014 Solar Himalayan Trek.

Footsteps of the Buddha Footage tests03:16

Footsteps of the Buddha Footage tests

  • July 2014: Alan Bigelow's presentation "Solar Cooking on a Trek in Nepal" delivered at the SCInet convention in July, 2014 included the video below.
Bigelow Solar Trekking-010:38

Bigelow Solar Trekking-0

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