Below are all of the entities that are marked as "Verified active 2015".

  • Our job is to go to each one and figure out if they are still active in solar cooking by one of these ways:
    • Check to see if the page has already been marked "Verified active 2016" or "Verified active 2017" by someone since the list below was generated.
    • Check for updated news on their wiki page (where we forgot to update the Verified active status).
    • Check their website for news and make sure it mentions solar or integrated cooking. Even if there is no date to know when they last promoted solar cooking, if they have left this on their website, then that probably means they are active or at least knowledgeable. If you find any recent news, add it to their page and to the corresponding country page(s).
    • Check their Twitter feed or Facebook page for recent posts that mention solar cooking. If we don't have a Twitter feed or Facebook page listed, then look them up on each service.
    • Check to see if their organization has been marked as more recently active and change it to that date.
    • Write to them and ask them if they are still active. If you do this, add the "Requested update" category and in the extra text field add the date like this: 1/17/16. Also add a notation like this next to the entity name below: Requested update 1/18/16
  • If still active then..
    • Edit the "Verified active 2015" tag to read "Verified active 2017". Remember that the second field needs to have the last name if the page is about an individual. Before you save the page, make a note in the "Edit summary" telling how you know they are active.
    • Change the "Last updated" template to today's date.
    • Do the same for their organization(s)
    • Shift-click all of the external links and make sure they still work. If they don't, see if you can find the page on the website where it used to be (presumably it having been moved). If not found there, copy the link into the Wayback Machine at and change the link to an archived version. If nothing found there, then delete the link.
    • Look for red links and fix these by one of these ways:
      • Check for misspeling or wrong capitalization and fix the link
      • Turn the link into an external link to a website or Facebook page, etc.
      • Remove the brackets from the text so it is no longer red and hot.
      • If the same text is linked multiple times in the same section of the page, leave only the first instant hot and remove the brackets from the rest.
    • If your editor has spellcheck, look for words that are underlined by the spellchecker and fix if necessary.
    • Reorder the categories as described here: NGO, California, USA, NGOs employing microcredit, etc.
    • Delete "I2N" and "A2J" categories.
    • Mark on this page "done (still active)"
  • If no longer active then...
    • Write to them and ask them why that are not longer working with solar cookers
    • If the page doesn't contain any useful historical information
      • Delete it (Write in the note field how you determined that they were no longer active.)
    • Else
      • Add {{ArchivedPage}} just under the "Updated" template
      • Remove all categories except those that deal with location (country and state)
      • Write "done (archived page)" next to the entity's name below.