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Avif 2007

AVIF Volunteers in Kenya is an innovative online charity, devoted to aiding vulnerable children and their communities in rural Kenya. We are dedicated to sustainable development, delicate low key cultural exchange & bridging the technological divide through networking centred around our volunteers. We endeavour to achieve at least some of the UN Millenium Development Goals. AVIF volunteers in kenya have been promoting solar cooking to all hosts since 2006. To arrange a demonstration of the cookers, please contact them by email.

AVIF refer communities to John Amayo regularly to set up solar cooking demonstrations and try to help with funding too for purchases. Community referral around rural Kenya is a continual process.

News and recent developments

AVIF Volunteers in Kenya - February 2009
  • February 2009: The photo on the right shows a community group in the Siaya District of western Kenya that just had a demo by the Solar Cookers International East Africa Office. The demo was given in a local market place with local authority figures present and these wonderful "guardians" of nearly 350 orphans. More information...

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