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Last updated: 2 February 2016      
A.V.E.S-TOGO logo, 9-10-14

A.V.E.S-TOGO, headquartered in Kpalimé, Togo, is a non-governmental organization created in 2001 by multiple disciplinary groups involved with development. They met to share ideas and discuss approaches for beneficial development in West Africa, particularly in Togo. From that gathering came an outline for development.

Their goals include improving the living conditions for poor citizens, while also committing to the sound management of the environment through voluntary action.

Recent news and developments

  • September 2014: Executive Director, Koku Selom Agbavito, has announced that the organization wishes begin solar cooking introductory programs.

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Koku Selom Agbavito
Executive Director
Quartier Atakpamekondji, Maison Agbodjan Doussé
Kpalimé, Kloto

Tel: +228 24410619
Skype: selomko