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Last updated: 6 May 2017      
100 Suns

Simplified setup of 100 Suns for a village home.

100 Suns 1

100 Suns Concentrator

100 Suns is a low-cost solar cooker that can be constructed locally with readily available materials. The solar cooker is of concentrator type and cooks in about the same time that it takes on a conventional firewood stove. The cooker besides being simple and robust, is modular in design, hence repairing of a section (if ever required) can be done easily without affecting the rest. The repairing therefore in most cases is quick, easy and economical.

Constructing the solar cooker requires a plywood sheet/plank, small mirrors, slender wooden sticks (cut in lengths according to instructions), glue and support for the cooking utensil. These materials are usually locally available at a sufficiently low cost. The design is kept simple so that a lay person can construct it easily at home.


Amogh Sahaje


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