Last updated: 13 June 2017      
100 Suns

Simplified setup of 100 Suns for a village home.

100 Suns is a solar cooker developed by Amogh Sahaje. He reports that the solar cooker is designed to be simple so that even a lay person can construct it at home with material that would be readily available at a minimal cost. It is claimed that the solar cooker can reach high temperatures and can cook food within time as good as a conventional firewood stove. It is also claimed that the solar cooker besides being simple in construction, is also robust and modular in design which makes it require less maintenance.

Constructing the solar cooker only requires a plywood sheet/plank, small mirrors, slender wooden sticks (cut in lengths according to instructions), glue and support for the cooking utensil.

100 Suns 1

100 Suns Solar Concentrator

The instructions for constructing 100 Suns solar cooker are available and can be accessed from the link provided below:


Amogh Sahaje


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